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 Also use the class diagram in ''​Ca3DE/​ClassDiagram.dia''​ besides this text for reference. Also use the class diagram in ''​Ca3DE/​ClassDiagram.dia''​ besides this text for reference.
 +The server loads a game world by creating a ''​CaServerWorldT''​ instance which derives from ''​Ca3DEWorldT''​.
 +The ''​Ca3DEWorldT'''​s ''​const WorldT* m_World''​ member contains the data from the BSP, PVS and Radiosity compile process: for each static entity, it has the BSP tree, a collision model, lightmaps, etc. ( FIXME not only static, but in fact for //all// entities in the cmap? )
 +This data is later correlated to (and becomes a component of) the main entity instances ''​cf::​GameSys::​EntityT''​.
 +The ''​Ca3DEWorldT''​ keeps an instance of a ''​cf::​UniScriptStateT''​. This script state is a Lua instance to which later our objects are bound so that we then can write code such as:
 +<code lua>
 +local new_ent = world:​new("​EntityT",​ "​left_wing"​)
 +new_ent:​GetTransform():​set("​Origin",​ 480, -352, 104)
 +Note that //both// game entities //and// GUI windows, our two sibling component systems, can be instantiated in the script state  of a ''​Ca3DEWorldT''​.
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