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-====== Entity Guide ====== 
-===== What are Entities? ===== 
-An entity is an object that has characteristics which are different to the normal world brushes. There are two kinds of entities in Ca3DE. These include brush entities and point entities. 
-===== Placing Entities ===== 
-In progress... 
-===== Brush Entities ===== 
-//Note: The following entities are specific to the Deathmatch mod.// ​ 
-==== func_wall ==== 
-This is bascally a normal brush, except they can have transparency or "​holes"​. This entity can be used for lattice, glass, fences etc. 
-==== func_illusionary ==== 
-This is a func_wall with no clipping. The player can walk through a func_illusionary,​ making it useful for secret paths. 
-==== func_water ==== 
-This is the entity for water. 
-==== func_ladder ==== 
-The player can climb up a func_ladder. Please note that this entity is invisible, so you need to place a textured brush **behind** it. 
-===== Point Entities ===== 
-coming soon.. 
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