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Becoming an Editor

In order to be able to create and edit pages at the Cafu Wiki, you have to login via the Login button at the bottom of the Cafu Wiki pages.

In order to get a username and passwort for the login, follow these steps:

  • Register yourself at the Cafu forum at
    That means that your login data for the forum and the Wiki are in fact shared, the same login data will work with both the forum and the Wiki. Therefore, if you are already a registered forum user, there is no need to register a second time.
  • Login to the forum to make sure that your username and password work correctly.
  • Your login details will immediately work also at the Wiki login.

If you're a Wiki beginner - notes for new editors

Editing the Cafu Wiki pages is very easy, but there are a few concepts to get used to:

  • Please read (or at least glance at) the DokuWiki Manual. The Cafu Wiki is implemented with the DokuWiki software, and this is the related manual.
  • If you don't want to read the entire manual, you should at least read
  • New pages are created by first creating new links to them. Clicking on such a link whose target page does not yet exist will automatically offer you the choice to create the contents for that page.
  • NAMESPACES are very important! They're used to properly structure all contents within this Wiki. Please make sure that you read the section about namespaces at
  • Create new links (that is, pages) within their proper namespace. If for example you want to add a new tutorial for CaWE, add a link to the The Cafu Documentation page with link code like
  • How do you know which namespace should be used? Look at the link names of the other pages at the The Cafu Documentation page. Their names including their namespace are shown when you hover with the mouse over the links to other pages. Also the Index page (see the button at the bottom right of every page) is very helpful!

Why is all that talk about namespaces so important? Well, links (and thus, pages) cannot easily be renamed later. While it is not impossible, renaming has the tencency to break references from other pages to the renamed document, which in fact can be cumbersome. So some foresight can save a lot of trouble later.

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