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The Cafu Documentation

Welcome to the Cafu Documentation!
The purpose of this Wiki is to provide documentation about using and editing the Cafu Engine. For developers, all aspects of Cafu related editing like mapping, modding, modelling, texturing, etc. are covered.

The Cafu Engine “root” website is at

As with all Wikis, this site lives from its readers contributions. If you want to help, please read Becoming an Editor for an explanation on how you can edit and create new pages — it's easy!

Cafu User Manual

Game and Application Developer Manual

This manual describes how the Cafu engine can be modified to implement own ideas and concepts, how new content is created for use within its worlds, and how entirely new games and applications can be realized with the Cafu engine.


The Map Editor

The GUI Editor

The Model Editor


The Material System

At the Core: The Cafu Source Code

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