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GUI Fixtures

GUI fixtures are used to attach GUIs to models.

GUIs are virtual computer desktops that the player can interact with to unlock doors, call lifts, obtain information, and much more.

They are created in the Cafu Engine Gui Editor and use scripts for their implementation and for handling events when interacting with the player.

The GUI fixtures list

The GUI Fixtures pane lists all GUI fixtures in the model.

For each GUI fixture,

  • its name and
  • the GUI fixture number

is shown.

A single click on a GUI fixture selects it, a double click opens the GUI Fixture Inspector pane as well.

Pressing the F2 key or a single-click on an already selected GUI fixture allows you to rename the GUI fixture in place.

The “+” button creates a new GUI fixture and adds it to the list. The “-” button deletes the currently selected GUI fixtures.

Context menu

An RMB click in the GUI Fixtures pane opens the context menu:

  • Inspect/Edit opens the Gui Fixture Inspector pane.
  • Rename allows to rename the GUI fixture.
  • Add/create new, like the “+” button, creates a new GUI fixture and adds it to the list.

The GUI fixture inspector

The GUI Fixture Inspector pane shows the details of the currently selected GUI fixture.


Shows the name of the currently selected GUI fixture. The name can be edited in order to rename the GUI fixture.

Origin and endpoints

The origin and the endpoints of the x- and y-axes determine the position and orientation of the GUI.

You can enter and edit the mesh and vertex numbers manually, but it is much easier and faster to right-click directly on the model in the 3D view:

Selecting one of the three GUI fixture menu items will fill in the related numbers in the GUI Fixture Inspector automatically.

Translation and scale

Normally, the GUI rectangle is exactly aligned to the origin and the endpoints of the axes. Using the translation and scale, you can move the GUI rectangle from its original position and adjust its overall size:

  • The Scale values set the relative lengths of the axes.
  • The Translation values move the origin in multiples of the scaled axes.

Example video

This example video shows a GUI that is attached to an animated model and uses custom translation and scale settings:

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