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Scene Setup

One of the Model Editor's main fields of application is to let you visually inspect the model as rendered by the Cafu Engine and as it will appear in the game.

For this purpose, the Scene Setup dialog lets you change the details on how the Model Editor renders the model in the 3D view. Refer to section The Main Window for more information about the 3D view itself.


  • Background Color sets the “sky” or background color. Future versions of the Model Editor will allow to load cube maps for proper sky environment rendering as well.
  • Show Origin determines whether the principle axes of model space, emanating from the origin, are shown.
  • Show Grid, when selected, renders a spatial coordinate grid, centered at the origin.
  • Grid Spacing sets the spacing between grid lines.


Camera attributes are rarely entered manually: Normally, you navigate the 3D view as described at section The Main Window, and the camera details update automatically.

  • Pos shows the x-, y- and z-coordinates of the camera position.
  • Angles shows the orientation of the camera as angles for Pitch and Yaw.
  • The Advanced settings control the shape of the camera's view frustum: vertical FOV is the vertical field-of-view, and near/far plane dist is the distance of the near/far clipping plane relative to the cameras position.

Scene Elements

  • Ground Plane
    • Show determines if the ground plane is shown at all.
    • Height (z-Pos) sets the z-position of the ground surface.
    • Auto Height, if set, automatically adjusts the z-position of the ground surface to the dimensions of the model.
    • Material sets the material that is used to render the ground plane.
  • Model
    • Show Meshes determines whether the meshes of the model are rendered.
    • Show Skeleton, if activated, renders the joints and the “bones” of the model.
    • Show triangle normals, if activated, renders the normal vector of each triangle. The color of the normal vector indicates the Polarity of the triangle.
    • Show tangent-space, if activated, renders the axes of tangent space at each vertex of each mesh.
    • Debug material allows to override the mesh materials of the currently selected skin with “debug” materials that facilitate the inspection of the model: plain (white) is useful for inspecting the shades resulting from lighting, wire-frame shows the individual triangles that the meshes are composed of.

Animation Control

  • Frame No. is the frame number in the currently playing sequence. It advances automatically if an animation is playing, but can be set manually as well.
  • Speed is the relative speed with which the animation is currently playing. It's automatically set to 0 or 1 if you press the Play or Pause buttons in the toolbar.
  • Loop, if set, forces the Model Editor to play the current animation in an infinite loop.

Light Sources

  • Ambient Light Color is the color of the ambient light. Ambient light is also there when all other light sources have been turned off.
  • Light 1, 2, 3 are dynamic light sources as they can also be set in the Map Editor and occur in the game:
    • On determines whether the light source is on or off.
    • Cast Shadows sets if the light source casts shadows at all.
    • Pos the position of the light source.
    • Radius the radius of the light source.
    • Color the color of the light source.
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