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Using own textures

This tutorial has 3 part. The first part covers textures for maps, the second part covers skins for models and the third part skybox textures.

Part 1: Map textures

Create your texture. Then save it into one of the supported file formats (those are: .jpg, .png, .tga, .bmp).

Go into your Cafu directory and from there into the textures directory: Games → DeathMatch → Textures. There it should somehow look like this:


Now create a new directory, I call mine “tutorial”. Go into it and place your texture there. I call my texture “texture1”, it consists of a diffuse map, a normal map and a specular map. I add endings to the different textures to exactly know which texture is which type. My diffuse maps have a _diff tag in their name, normal maps get _norm, specular maps get _spec and luminance maps _lum (not necessary to give them those tags though).

OK, that was the first half, what we now have to to is to write a so called “shader” file, a text file including names and paths of textures that gives the informations about the textures, e.g. if they have normal maps and so on or if they have transparent parts.

Let's go back to the DeathMatch directory. There you can find the “Materials” directory in which all shader files are placed. They can be opened with simple text editors like notepad. If you open for example the “generic.cmat” file, you can see that it contains informations about various textures. The system works like this:

Textures/directory_name(in which the textures are palced)/texture name
    type_of_texture Textures/directory_name/texture_patch

The best way to describe those shaders is to actually have a look at them. Here is the shader for my texture:

    diffusemap Textures/tutorial/texture1_diff.jpg
    normalmap Textures/tutorial/texture1_norm.jpg
    specularmap Textures/tutorial/texture1_spec.jpg
    lightmap $lightmap

If you have a luminance map you would have to write “lumamap” (without quotes).

It's easy, isn't it? And that's already it! You can save it as yourshadername.cmat or within another shader and it will work. Start your mapping editor and you will be able to use the texture!

Download: Tutorial example files (.zip file) Download: Tutorial example files (.tar.gz file)

Part 2: Model textures

Using own skins (model texures) is as easy as using map textures. There are only slight differences.

Instead of being placed in a directory in the textures directory, you have to place them in one of the directories in the Models (like the models themselves) directory. Let's say we place them into the Static directory that is placed in the Models directory. Our shader-file has to be placed in the Models directory that can be found in the Materials directory. It would look like this:

    diffusemap Models/Static/a_name_of_my_skin_diff.png
    normalmap Models/Static/a_name_of_my_skin_norm.png
    specularmap Models/Static/a_name_of_my_skin_spec.png

    red ambientLightRed
    green ambientLightGreen
    blue ambientLightBlue

There are only small differences: 1. you have to add a model name too and not only a texture name (“mymodelname/a_name_for_my_skin”) - note that you can choose whatever you want, those names dont have to meet the model name/texture name. 2. in the lower part you can see that you have to add those red, green and blue informations

Well that's it! If there are questions, feel free to post them in the forums!

Part 3: Skybox textures

You can find detailed tutorial concerning the integration of new skyboxes here:

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