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Further Information

Windows and Linux specifics

The instructions and examples in this manual were written with reference to the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Now, with Cafu being also available on Linux, I rely on the Linux users skills and experience to transfer the provided information to their favourite OS. The transfer is almost always very easy to achieve: Examples include that Linux has .tar.gz file archives versus .zip file archives on Windows, and that the Linux executables have no file name suffix whereas the Window executables are suffixed by .exe.

I hope that this helps to keep this manual easy and intuitive to understand for everyone. The alternative would had been to mention all specifics for each OS in each text fragment and each example.

Known Issues

  • The Linux port is still incomplete: The Options dialog is missing.
  • Sound drivers frequently cause problems under Linux. Therefore, Cafu ignores sound initialization failures on Linux, preferring no or broken sound output over no functionality at all.
  • The dynamic shadows are not always correct. The world is sometimes lit where no light should be.
  • Use the latest drivers for your video card.
  • Windows 95 and 98: Do not run Cafu from a full-screen DOS-Box. It will report an error.

Contact and Support

If you need help, please refer to this manual first. All its contents is available on-line, starting from the table-of-contents at

Any feed-back, additional questions and suggestions are much appreciated at the Cafu forums at

Also please visit the Cafu engine main website at for additional support options, like background information, IRC chat details, FAQs and other resources.

You can also contact the Cafu authors directly.

It would be great if you told us what you think of the demo version and SDK of Cafu. Any feedback is welcome and helps further improvement.

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