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The Map Menu

Snap to grid

Switches grid snapping on and off.

Show grid

Turns grid rendering on and off.

Grid settings

Adjusts the grid density. Finer Grid increases and Coarser Grid decreases the grid density.


FIXME not functional

Go to Brush Number...

Opens the Goto Brush/Entity dialog.

Show Information

Opens the World Info dialog:

  • Brushes: Number of brushes in this map.
  • Faces: Number of faces in this map.
  • Point entities: Number of point entities in this map.
  • Brush (solid) entities: Number of entities related to a brush.
  • Unique texture count: Number of different textures.
  • Texture memory: Amount of memory used by the maps textures.

Entity Report

Opens the Entity Report dialog.

Check for Problems...

Checks for problems in the map architecture and opens the Map Error Report dialog if problems were found.

Map Properties

Selects the world object (and therefore recursively all map objects) and opens the Inspector dialog to show the properties of the map world entity.

Load Pointfile

Loads a pointfile into the map (see Dealing with Leaks for more details).

Unload Pointfile

Removes a previously loaded pointfile.

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