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Your First Map

The flash tutorial below introduces you to the basic features and concepts of CaWE and demonstrates how you can create your first map. It starts with opening a new map file in the Cafu World Editor CaWE, then walks you step-by-step through the construction process. At the end, the map is compiled and run in the Cafu engine.

The tutorial assumes that you have already installed CaWE and completed the initial one-time configuration as described in section Installation, Initial Configuration and De-Installation.

Although the tutorial does not require any previous knowledge, it is helpful to read the preceding “Getting started” chapters either before starting or while working through the tutorial.

Tutorial Contents Overview

  1. Verification of essential settings in the CaWE Options dialog.
  2. Opening of a new map file in which a single room will be built.
  3. Creation of the first brush for the floor.
    • Use of the Material Browser to select an appropriate material.
    • Use of the New Brush tool to create a brush outline.
    • Dragging of the outline and updating of the 3D camera position.
  4. Creation of the second brush for the left wall analogous to the first.
    • Zooming in the 2D views and more advanced manipulation of the brush outline.
  5. Creation of the third brush for the right wall by employing the clone-dragging technique of the Selection tool.
  6. Creation of the fourth brush for the back wall by using the “Copy” and “Paste” items of the Edit menu.
    • Includes the transformation of a selected object to (re-)shape it as desired.
  7. Creation of the fifth brush for the front wall as a copy of the back wall by use of the related keyboard shortcuts.
  8. The ceiling brush (sixth brush) is created by clone-dragging it from the floor brush.
  9. Application of a sky material to the ceiling brush as a post-creation step.
  10. Demonstration of the difference between the render modes “3D Full Mats” and “3D Edit Mats”.
  11. Placement of an info_player_start entity near the center of the room, using the New Entity tool.
  12. The map is compiled and run in the Cafu engine.

The Flash Tutorial

Start Tutorial

Click here to start the flash tutorial.

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